Friday, January 28, 2011

Pork Steak - sukiyaki style

  • pork - sukiyaki cut
  • onions - cut in quarters
  • garlic
  • soy sauce
  • sugar
  • kalamansi
  • oil
Combine calamansi and soysauce according to your taste. Marinate the pork for a few minutes in this mixture.

Transfer the marinated pork in the pot, add the onions, and add some water so the the meat is submerged. Boil covered for a few minutes. Sprinkle with some sugar. When pork is cooked, simmer uncovered to evaporate excess liquid. When just enough liquid is left, remove the fire.

Saute the garlic. Remove from flame when golden brown. Sprinkle on top the pork.

** substitute the kalamsi with mirin and you'll get Pork-don. And from Pork-don, substitute pork with beef and you'll get Gyu-don!

** for gyu-don/pork-don, I prefer pickled red ginger (Beni shoga) and pickled garlic cloves. But hubby is not fond of spicy foods, so he gets fried garlic instead.

** before dinner hubby is begging for us to join our workmates who were eating out. He looks like a school boy asking for ice cream. So bargained that we can just go down and find him some desert which later bacame two cups of so-so miso soup from Karate Kid. The miso soup was 20pesos per cup so the mediocrity is forgivable.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yey! H2B finally got his new phone.

What's in it for me? Well, freedom from checking out every Samsung store that we see. For the past weeks, since he started to decide he will get this Galaxy-S, which is out of stock for most, if not all, Samsung stores, we inquire in every Samsung Store, every tech place, every cyber mall we can get into. We have actually checked Greenhills weeks ago, but we didn't find one. But last Sunday he was able to get his hands into a unit, sim-locked to Globe and with one-year warranty, ofcource he wouldn't let go.

So last night we spent almost an hour in Globe center at Gateway Cubao to have the people there set his GRPS settings. Hooray, it worked.

We he brought me home, he and his brother had fun with the google maps, seeing the tiny blue dot move as we traverse Katipunan and turned right at CP Garcia. H2B was like a child learning to ride a bike for the first time. He was very pleased.

I'm happy for him.

We also bought a rim (500sheets) of pink paper for the cranes. We'll be making pink cranes from 8.5X8.5in paper to be used for decorating the gazebo for the ceremony. We started last night and were able to make 10pcs partially made cranes. I hope H2B will not be very fascinated with his new gadget at help me with the folding.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome Baby Tristan

We visited Baby Tristan and Mommy Pia yesterday. Tristan is big for a baby of just a few days. He's cute.. I love baby's very very soft skin. Almost everyone I know who are due on October were hoping for a 10-10-10 baby, Pia did not reach Oct 10 but gave birth on Oct03.

The only thing I was sorry about during our visit is that we were not able to pray for Baby Tristan before we left. Even before they left, I wish I was able to say a short prayer with everyone in the house. While he was crying (because he was hungry and we were chatting with his mom for the past 3hrs), I was gently touching him and praying in my heart that God will bless him and give him good health. Probably I could say my prayer here,

Father in heaven, thank you for this beautiful gift of life,
thank you for blessing Pia and Neal an addition to their family
thank you because life comes from you.

May you bless Tristan with good health, wisdom to know right from wrong
and the heart to choose to do good and follow your ways.
And he is able to understand, he come to know you in his heart
and let Your word be the light in his path.
May you add joy in his heart and
may he be a blessing to all who will come to know him.

May you bless his parents will abounding love and joy for each other and for their children,
may you provide all that this family needs,
and may you hear their prayer when they call upon you.

This is my prayer, in Jesus' name.

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